Vote Mitch Panciuk

Open Government

We need to create an environment at City Council that allows all council members to contribute, no matter what the issue. Any decision-making process must be made perfectly transparent and publicly accessible, in order to allow the best ideas in our community the opportunity to move forward. These beliefs and attitudes are how I have been able to run a successful business in Belleville since 2001 and how I would approach the job as your next Mayor of Belleville.

Over the past four years as a City Councillor I have led the way in increasing transparency and public confidence in the decisions of City Council. My motion to establish an Integrity Commissioner was passed this spring and I pushed hard to ensure all City Council meetings were not only streamed live but were also recorded and archived. This was so all residents and business owners can see exactly what happened at a Council meeting instead of just hearing about it from others.

I have been one of the loudest voices at City Hall when it comes to ensuring all details of city expenditures of public money are made public. The responsibility for how City business is conducted starts and ends with the Mayor: It should be out in the open, with full transparency and full disclosure to ensure the ethical behaviour of all elected officials and restore confidence in our municipal government.

Better Customer Service at City Hall

When we talk about improving customer service at City Hall it also means a fully transparent municipal government so that you can be confident we are always working in the best interests of the city.

Paying for it!:

By dealing with the housing and employment needs of our community we create the best method of paying for everything in our Safe, Responsible Growth plan. Residential and commercial development helps pay for everything the City of Belleville wants and needs for our citizens.

By focusing on growth priorities within various areas of responsibilities at City Hall we can achieve our vision for Belleville:

Building Department:

• Focus on supporting increased levels of residential and commercial development
• Become more innovative with infill & higher-density residential development projects

Planning Department:

• Reduce the costs associated with the construction of affordable housing, rental apartment buildings and long-term care facilities

Economic Development:

• Relocate the Fairgrounds so Belleville can unlock the economic potential of those lands
• Investigate responsible ways to sell o unused city-owned land
• Invest more in new business recruitment and existing business retention
• Provide “Business Concierge” services to business, helping them navigate city hall and other levels of government
• Create the new position Director of Economic Development & Strategic Initiatives to make these changes a reality, and to help promote Belleville to the world