Vote Mitch Panciuk


“City Council’s decision making should be transparent.”

Do you agree with this statement? Personally, I believe so.

My first-ever motion as a City Councillor was to enact internet-streaming of City Council meetings because many people were not able to watch our meetings or attend. Now anyone can watch online or go back in the archives to see each meeting for themselves and know what happened and how I voted.

Last year I successfully established an Integrity Commissioner, so that residents and City Councillors wouldn’t have to guess if those we elect are allowed to vote on matters in which they have a financial interest. Now, we can prevent legal investigations and costs because this will prevent Conflicts of Interest before they occur.

And, since 2014 I have consistently supported making all details of city expenditures (public money) completely transparent including the Belleville Senators financial details public when we concluded the deal. On a recorded vote, I was only one of two members of Council to vote in favor of this.

Collaborating as a member of City Council for the past four years’ has been eye opening. I have learned so much about our community and what it means to be a member of City Council.

I have always tried to deal with the matters that really affect your life that perhaps everyone else doesn’t get — safety of traffic in your street and the need for speed enforcement or stop signs. Getting unsafe trees dealt with so residents aren’t afraid of what the next storm will bring. And many other items that need to be addressed but perhaps aren’t shared by every single resident in Belleville.

I’m proud to have a record of returning calls, replying to e-mail and getting things done for people. I don’t think you can find anyone that would say I have ignored their contact since I was elected four years ago.

Let’s Build our Future Together with Safe, Responsible Growth. 


“Mitch understands Belleville’s challenges in recruiting physicians to our community. He knows what to do and has already shown his commitment to provide the essential medical care our residents need. Mitch Panciuk is my choice for Mayor of Belleville to improve our health care by getting more doctors and specialists to make this their home.
– Dr. Peter Hollett, Cardiologist