Vote Mitch Panciuk

Building our Future Together with Safe, Responsible Growth

For the past 12 years, we’ve done a good job dealing with many infrastructure issues that simply had to be addressed. These investments were an essential foundation. Now is the time to chart a new course and focus on building a quality of life that benefits all people in our community. So we can create a more thriving, healthier city.

Mitch Pancuik, infrastructure for Belleville, Ontario.
Building our Future Together with more residential and infrastructure projects.

I realize that my plan for Building our Future Together with Safe, Responsible Growth is a big promise. I have demonstrated over these past four years, working as your City Councillor, that I’m not one to make empty promises.

Safe, Responsible Growth is a plan for the future. As your candidate for Mayor of Belleville, I believe it is essential to not only build a more affordable community, but also to find innovative and creative solutions to pay for much-needed future improvements.

I believe there is a different approach we can take, one that will deliver more of the services we want, without having to rely exclusively on borrowing the money to do it, or raising your taxes in order to pay for it.

We need a more vibrant and inclusive community that our children want to stay in. We need to do it responsibly so the Belleville our children live in remains affordable. We need a better Belleville for tomorrow.

It’s Time to Work Together

There are eight key components of this plan for the future:

  1. Dealing With Our Housing Crisis 
  2. Supporting A Healthier Community 
  3. Including Everyone in our Community Investments and High-Speed for All 
  4. Moving Forward With Making Belleville the Safest City in Ontario
  5. Investing in Green and Recreational Space
  6. Improving Customer Service
  7. Open Government You Can Trust 
  8. Paying For It!