Vote Mitch Panciuk

Dealing With Our Housing Crisis

There is a housing crisis in Belleville. There are not enough rental units and we face a dire shortage of affordable accommodations for seniors and other members of our community. This lack of supply is driving up rents and pricing some of our fellow citizens out of the market. Many current residents are stretched too thin or are living where properties or conditions are less than ideal.

I feel they deserve better.

There are long waiting lists of people who would love to move to our Friendly City if we only had enough affordable, rental housing to welcome them with.

Additional affordable, rental housing will not only fill the needs of today, it will grow the City’s tax base in a manageable way. It will gradually add to our population in such a manner that will not change what we love about Belleville.

Supporting A Healthier Community

A Healthy Community is one where balanced and sustainable growth allows for investment in quality of life improvements. Ensuring everyone has access to quality health care services can be enhanced by increasing funding to attract more General Practitioners, Specialists and Nurses by using more of the Veridian dividends we receive. Improved transportation options, increased greenspace, more parks and playgrounds are also important keys to a healthier community.

Partnerships with Belleville’s heritage, cultural, and artistic sectors not only benefits every member of our community, but it will also allow our city to attract more visitors. It’s the classic example of the win-win situation.

Including Everyone in our Community Investments and High-Speed for All

The concept of investing to make our community better isn’t just for some of us — it should make it better for all of us.

In order for Belleville to truly become a thriving, healthy city, we need to invest in our most vulnerable citizens. This means appropriate plans, programs and initiatives to support affordable housing, social housing, long-term care and our social safety net.

We need to attract more employers in diverse industries to provide better quality jobs for everyone including those with disabilities. By doing so, we become a better city. Studies show, cities that invest like this end up saving money in the long run.

Access to high-speed internet service is a requirement in today’s economy. People work from home, students use technology for their school work and we utilize online services for our entertainment. Yet, many in our city do not have access and this is just not acceptable.

Working with other levels of government we will expand our high- speed service to rural Belleville and the areas that currently do not have this essential service.

Safe, Responsible Growth will make Belleville a more innovative, accessible and inclusive community.