Vote Mitch Panciuk

Community Safety

Every community has safety issues. The nature of our location along the 401 corridor combined with Belleville being the centre of health and social program delivery in our county unfairly skews the per capita crime rate numbers for a city of our population. We need to take steps to change negative perceptions about our city and as your Mayor I will lead the way.

Vibrant, growing cities require safety measures that adapt to the needs of the community. I will continue to support all of our first responders including police, fire and other emergency services as we deal with public safety in today’s changing times. Working together, I believe we can make Belleville the safest city in Ontario.

Increasing Green and Recreational Space

Cities that want to grow need to attract investment. Cities that want to grow want to bring in better jobs, bring our kids who have moved away back and entice others to move to our community. To be a City that wants to grow, Belleville needs to invest in expanded quality of life and healthy amenities, like multi-use trails and pathways or neighbourhood playgrounds, where none exist today.

Just imagine a 25 km trail and pathway route circling Belleville, giving residents multiple access points to walk, cycle, stroll, or rollerblade both along our incredible waterfront areas and throughout the City.

Safe, Responsible Growth allows us to thoughtfully invest in waterfront development (especially within and around Zwick’s and Victoria Park) and will allow us to expand our improved pathway system to become city-wide — meaning this route would include north of the 401, which has been left out of our recreational planning all too often.

Safe, Responsible Growth means a future where no resident of Belleville will live more than a kilometre from a public park or greenspace. These types of initiatives help us Build our Future Together.

Improving Customer Service

When it comes to city services and City Hall you are our first and most important customer.

Safe, Responsible Growth means investing in new technology, new systems, new training, and new tools to help our already incredible team of city employees do their jobs even better. If we invest in the right tools and technology we can become more efficient, better serve our customers and build on our City Services to develop better relationships with residents, business owners, employers and investors.

More specifically, we can improve the service we provide to those building our economy by:

• Further improve building inspections and then reach the next level of efficiency and convenience by investing in new technology and online services
• Improve customer service training and increase the capacity to deal with more building permit applications, more quickly and with more approvals!