Vote Mitch Panciuk

Vote Mitch Panciuk for Belleville's Mayor

We love Belleville for many different reasons. And, of course, we all want a better future. But what does that look like – what kind of Belleville can that be?

Imagine a Belleville where we have more green spaces, an expanded and safe city-wide trail system and more playgrounds for our children. Imagine a Belleville which is literally bursting with culture, heritage and art. Imagine a Belleville where we look after our most vulnerable, where housing is more affordable for all and where good jobs help grow our economy. Imagine a Belleville that is so full of life that our kids come back.

This is what I see for our future, the future of Belleville and why I am running to be Mayor.  I’m willing to work with whoever you select to be a part of the next City Council to make this future a reality. Building our Future Together with Safe, Responsible Growth is the plan that can deliver us the Belleville we all want for our future.

Making Belleville the Safest City in Ontario

Every community has safety issues. The nature of our location along the 401 corridor combined with Belleville being the centre of health and social program delivery in our county unfairly skews the per capita crime rate numbers for a city of our population. We need to take steps to change negative perceptions about our city. Read more…

Dealing With Our Housing Crisis

There is a housing crisis in Belleville.
There are not enough rental units and we face a dire shortage of affordable accommodations for seniors and other members of our community. This lack of supply is driving up rents and pricing some of our fellow citizens out of the market.  Read more…

Open Government You Can Trust and Afford

Any decision-making process must be made perfectly transparent and publicly accessible. City business should be out in the open, with full transparency and full disclosure to ensure the ethical behaviour of all elected officials and restore confidence in our municipal government. Read more…